The Yardi Advanced Solutions Conference (YASC)

Logo Design, UI/UX Design, Collateral Material Design


About the Company

YASC is the Yardi user conference. The YASC events take place all over the globe, gathering thousands of attendees every year. Yardi clients go to YASC to gain the inside track on the software they use every day.

When I was assigned to work for YASC, the conference was growing at a fast pace. Their international and national presence was expanding but their brand, website and collateral materials were outdated.


  •  To develop a new logo that would distinguish itself of the Yardi brand, but not completely;

  • To organize the website content to make it highly accessible for prospective conference attendees;

  • To create a visually appealing online presence, and provide greater device accessibility through responsive web design;

  • To redesign collateral materials to reflect YASC new style guidelines.



Phase 1–Brand

I worked with the YASC team to define the brand direction. My goal was to develop a new logo that would speak to their audience: finance professionals, property managers, executives, etc, and would easily communicate the Yardi-YASC connection.


Logo concepts and final piece


I created a 3d version of the Yardi icon and integrated it with a modern and clean sans-serif font, Chalet.

Phase 2–Prototyping the Website

YASC had an outdated website. I worked with writer Melissa Mininni on reshaping it into a user friendly package. In order to accomplish this, we had to redefine the way the content was laid out. We re-assembled the YASC website with new content hierarchy and calls to action placed throughout.


Phase 3–Style Concepts

My goal was to develop a modern, clean and inviting new look. I added a new set of icons and photos with prominent placement to complement the various categories. The blue and orange colors were carried over from the old site to accent the new. A lot of white space and the use of sans-serif font helped de-clutter the online experience for visitors.


Phase 4–Site Development

I updated the YASC site look, and everything came to life with addition of web developer Brandt S. to the team. We created a platform that is fully responsive across all devices. The newly customized website re-establishes the brand as trustworthy, innovative and inspiring. 


Phase 5–Collateral

I designed and coded the responsive YASC email templates. My goal was to bring the same YASC website experience to the YASC email marketing campaign. 


I proposed to redesign the dated YASC catalog. My goal was to improve readability by adding white space to de-clutter content rich pages.


The “Schedule at a Glance” section consists of YASC high level information. What was once one cluttered page, I smoothed out to two.


I redesigned several other YASC marketing collateral materials not featured here. I applied the newly created YASC style guidelines to various posters and signs, flyers, postcards, shirts, web banners, tickets, name badges, etc.