After Hours are personal projects I worked by myself or
 collaboratively with other artists. They are
 non-work/client related.


3-Sided Eyes is a project my sisters and I started in 2015. The 3 of us were living away from each other and missing daily interaction. Our collaborative art project was our way to re-connect and be part of each other lives again.
For 3 months we took pictures of everything triangle shaped around us and posted our finds every day on our Instagram and Tumblr accounts. By the end, we picked our favorite photos and printed 3 posters we display at our places.

See our Tumblr site.


The Morning Sketches project began over coffee on a random morning before work. I was doodling on paper and realized how much I missed drawing and how rusty I had become. I started drawing every morning. It felt so good to be crafting something away from the computer, with no deadline, no client approval, no rush. 

See Tumblr site.


Series of illustrations created for nude themed exhibition with photographer, Igor Capibaribe.

See Tumblr site.